Bligh’s Lane
St. Brigid’s Avenue
The Devil and the Long Tower Gamblers
The Old Convent, Pump Street
The Old Convent II
Beechwood Avenue
The ‘Sandeman’ Apparition and a Poltergeist
The ‘Back’ Doctor
The Mystery of the Wedding Ring
Watt’s Distillery
Alfred Street
Friar Hegarty’s Rock
The Fairy Tree
The Ghost of Jones’s Hotel
The Bar Spirits
A Mother’s Tale
Boom Hall
The Death Knock
The Mystery Woman in Blue
The Ghost at Fanny Wylie’s Bridge
London Street
The Lady in the Snow
Stumpy’s Brae
The Great-Grandmother’s Warning
Moss Park
The Ghost of the Trenches
The Cook’s Story
The Headless Coachman
The Hound of Iskaheen
The Brandywell Banshee
Half-hanged McNaughton
Cumber House, Claudy
Burt Castle
Wellington Street
The Old Workhouse
The Alarm Clock
The O’Brien Banshee
The Airport Ghost
The Lough Swilly Ghost