The Airport Ghost

Thanks to a former employee of Derry City Airport for submitting the following story:

“I never really believed in ghosts or anything before but I used to work in Derry City Airport in Northern Ireland as a café worker. The airport itself at that time was small and run down; it only accommodated small flights from aircraft going from Derry to London, etc. The airport was once thriving during the 1940’s as a World War II base. Apparently a lot of men lost their lives when taking off or landing and I’d heard stories of people seeing men in war uniforms walking around the grass slipways near the runways and then disappearing.

Anyway, I never really believed all that and one day when I was working in the kitchens cleaning up I felt this coldness in the kitchens. It seemed to come on really quickly and then I there was a musty unpleasant smell that was really strong wafting from behind me. I turned around and saw a man dressed in a WWII uniform standing beside the fridges. He looked sad and tired, as if he was out of breath.

I froze and stared at him for a while and then he disappeared in front of me. Another member of staff came in shortly afterwards and commented on how cold it was.

She saw how shocked I was and believed me because of the way I was. I don’t know if you believe that, but that’s my story and the way it happened.”



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