The Lady in the Snow

There is a story of two children, a brother and sister who were playing in the snow near a small stream near Enagh Lough. They were making a snowman and gradually they moved closer and closer to the water until they were standing on the ice.

A woman dressed in a grey coat and a fur muff approached them, warning them of the danger. She coaxed them back to the bank just as the ice began to crack. She asked where they lived and she advised them to go home. The little girl asked if she could walk home with them and if she could put her hands in the muff to make them warm. The woman put the muff on the little girl and they chatted as they walked. She told them that she had a little girl who went into the water through the ice and warned them to be careful. At the gate she took her muff back and watched them being greeted at the door by their mother. They were both pointing at the lady and gesticulating but the mother saw no one.

However she went to the gate because the children were so convinced that a lady had walked home with them. On the snow there were only the footprints of her children.

When the snow melted a muff was found near the lake. The little girl knew it was the one that the lady wore.