Within easy reach of Buncrana there is a traditional two-storey farmhouse. It stands alone surrounded by fields and enclosed by a dry-stone wall. Behind are heather clad hills. One would think that this is the most peaceful of settings for a house and that is true.

However, the house itself was far from peaceful for many years. It was reputed to be haunted by a poltergeist. Burning sods of turf jumped out of the fire singeing the floor covering. Even when the owners removed all and left only the original flagstones the burning embers hissed and spat leaving burn marks on them. Drawers flew open without warning, scattering knives, forks and spoons about. Bedclothes were ripped off beds and hideous noises were heard.

Apparently one of the older single daughters was an avid reader who got hold of a ‘bad’ book. No one knows what the book was called but it was a reputedly ‘dangerous’ book to read. While she was engrossed in reading it some sort of evil spirit possessed her, driving her screaming from the house. This happened several times. She went into trances followed by these strange maniacal outbursts.

The priest was sent for and he arranged for an exorcism. The spirit was driven from the house into Lough Swilly and while the woman recovered the priest’s health was affected by his ordeal.



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