This story was told by the son of a woman who witnessed it.

There was a house in the area in front of which was an apple tree.
Beneath this tree was a large stone slab which was warmed in the summer sun.

The woman often laid her baby out on this slab in the fresh air.
One day a woman appeared out of nowhere dressed in the clothes of an earlier time.
She sat beside the baby and began to beat the stone slab crying all the while for her own baby. Even after the mother of the child ran out to bring it in the woman continued to beat the stone and cry.

The mother went out to talk to her but it was as if the woman did not see her so she turned towards the house. Before she entered she took one last look, realising that the keening had stopped. There was no one there and no where that she could have gone without being seen.

This was the only time that she made an appearance.
The mother never again left her child at that spot.