The Headless Coachman on the Wooden Bridge

In 1865 a man was walking across the old wooden bridge from the Waterside to the Derry side.
There was a toll gate for vehicles and as he approached it he saw a ghostly coach drive right through the wooden structure at the toll gate. It headed straight for him.

It seemed to follow him no matter which way he turned. He ran back the way he came and hearing the thundering of the horses hooves and the scraping of the carriage wheels he jumped on top of the guard rail. The coach hurtled past him and he saw the coach man. He was headless.

The coach seemed to disappear into the river as it neared the Waterside end. He heard the thrashing of water but could see nothing. Reluctant to remain on the bridge any longer the poor unfortunate ran to the nearest alehouse in Bridge Street.

The experience had obviously changed him beyond recognition. He had lost so much weight and his hair had turned white due to his terrifying experience. It was said that when the old bridge was being demolished that a black swirling form disappeared into the river accompanied by fearful screams of horses.




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