Moss Park

Some years ago there was TV and radio coverage of a ghost of a little girl in a house in Moss Park. She was a friendly spirit who often appeared on the landing with a doll under her arm. Several times in the morning toys were found lying in the hall where they had been taken from the toy box and thrown over the banister on the landing.

Other mischievous happenings occurred, for example the woman had applied for a job and hadn’t received a letter telling her of her interview even though it had been sent out. Things were out of place in the kitchen cupboards and in the children’s bedroom. The toys were often disturbed as if someone had been playing with them, even though they were in the toy box at night.

The woman in the house called in a medium who immediately went to the fireplace and pulled the missing letter from behind the surrounding wallpaper. The house had been decorated long before the letter incident and there was no explanation as to why and how it could have been pasted to the wall.

Shortly after the visit of the medium the house went on fire and no appearances have occurred since its refurbishment.




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