The Old Convent, Pump Street

There are several stories of ghosts in the old convent building in Pump Street, Derry.

After it ceased to be used as a convent workmen were clearing it to begin renovation. In one of the small rooms (cells) at the top where the nuns used to sleep, there was a strange, forbidding atmosphere. Several of the workmen, at different times, found themselves incapable of entering. One workman described it as ‘suddenly having a very cold uneasy feeling’ when they opened the door.

Another workman, who was laying carpet in a room some forty feet long and twenty feet wide – which was originally a refectory – thought that one of his fellow workmates was playing a joke when his head was pushed forcibly to the floor. He struggled to free himself from the grip but when he turned around there was no one else in the room.

Another report is of a tall woman, dressed all in black standing on the stairs with a child at her feet. The figure seemed to dissolve into nothing seconds after she was seen.





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